Christmas Gifts for New Homeowners

Do you know anyone who just got his or her first home? Or maybe someone who had a big move this past year. Christmastime is the best time of the year to help your loved ones upgrade their home needs. We compiled a list of seven of our favorite products that everyone needs in their home.

Bissell MYair Air Purifier

This small air purifier is idea for smaller areas of the home. Featuring an innovative combination high-efficiency and activated carbon filter, the MYair is ozone-free and has a fan that can be set to three different settings – sleep, low and high. For just $89.99 this can clean up the air in your apartment or new home.


Clear20 Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher

Unlike other brands, the Clear20 Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher uses a solid carbon block technology that filters out everything. Instead of taking up space and constantly buying new filters, this pitcher attaches directly to your faucet and uses the faucets pressure to capture harmful contaminates quickly. Get it online for just $34.99.


Waxman Super Sliders and SoftTouch Pads

This easy-to-use tool helps keep everything in your home scratch-free. These Super Sliders allow user to move heavy objects, like tables, sofas, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances and more, with ease. Super Sliders easily slip under furniture to make moving heavy pieces a breeze, without causing a single scratch on the floor. You don’t need a moving crew. You don’t need to call your dad. You don’t need to end up in a back brace. They also offer SoftTouch pads to put under chairs and furniture to give some extra protection. Your floors with thank you for it!

Truman’s Start Kit

Tackle virtually all of your home’s hard surfaces with just four non-toxic spray cleaners delivered directly to your home. Each Truman’s cleaner uses concentrate cartridges and reusable bottles with customers adding water at home. Because you add water at home, the bottles ship empty, dramatically reducing the company’s carbon footprint compared to competitors who ship a solution that is 98 percent water from factories to distributors to retailers and, ultimately, to homes. It takes 30 semi-trucks filled with ready-to-use cleaners to equal just one truck of the equivalent of Truman’s refill cartridges. Get it online for just $15 and start up your subscription, now!

Epic Water Filter Products

Epic Water Filters makes American-made water filters specifically for water bottles! These filters are small, convenient and easy to use, that will remove up to 99.999 percent of tap water contaminants. This is a definite for anyone in your home, young or old.



Airplants are living sculptures, combining art with plants. Beautifully decorated, these plants are suspended in air and unconstrained by the limits of soil. Ranging in price and customizable, airplants are a great gift idea for people who don’t like dirt.






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