Christmas Gifts Ideas: Unique Books for Kids

I like making sure that our Christmas gifts for our daughter (and our younger relatives) always include books.  Toys go by the wayside and kids get bored with or grow out of them, but books are forever.  Besides that, I am a huge supporter of reading to kids from an early age, so I never miss a chance to spark a love of reading in a young mind.  If you too are looking for a book to grace a stocking this Christmas, or light up a night for Hannukah or Kwanza, consider the following book ideas!

“Arabella and the Magic Pencil” is a cute fairy tale written by Stephanie Ward and Shaney Hyde.  Based around a young girl who is granted a magical birthday wish each year, this is a great gift for those kids preparing for or struggling with a new sibling or some sibling rivalry.  Arabella learns how frustrating a younger brother can be, and gets so mad at him she erases him!  However, she quickly learns how dull and sad life is without the one thing she never wished for, and she finds a way to get her baby brother back.  The story is imaginative and well written, paired with beautiful illustrations full of color and detail.  For this and more books that weave lessons and messages with creative storytelling, check out

Another idea that is sure to delight are the Dinkleboo books that can be personalized with your child’s name and information.  At, you can personalize books with topics ranging from dinosaurs, Christmas, travel, and with characters such as Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine.  I know my 3 year old loved her “Barbie You Can Be A Scientist” book so much, she had to have it read 2-3 times a night!  She was in awe that her character not only had her name, but also same eye color and hair (personalized options you choose).  I was impressed with the details and STEAM focus in the book which got her mind going and brought up some great questions from her.  The new Barbie series that Dinkleboo has allows kids to be a main character in a book where they get to explore different careers and interests including being a chef, ballerina, fashion designer, chef, and film maker.  I love the personalized book as a gift option because this is something that will be special and and cherished for a lifetime.  I still have a book personalized to me from when I was 5, so I know this is a great addition to any child’s bookshelf and life.

Lastly is a Christmas book set to rival the Elf on a Shelf.  This is perfect for those parents that are over the Buddy craze and trying to figure out new places and predicaments to put him in.  “Oliver the Ornament” has only one job for parents: to hang him on the tree.  The gift set comes with the hand painted Oliver ornament and the hardcover book.  I like that there are seven books in the series, so the adventure for Oliver continues through books read together as a family.  Written by Todd Zimmermann and illustrated by Teddy Lu, “Oliver the Ornament” is a sweet story of a little ornament that gets bullied but stays true to himself and shows kindness and heart.  This is a great gift idea to start a holiday tradition with not just Oliver, but with picking other ornaments that will have their own story on your family’s Christmas tree each year.  The creators of Oliver are also huge supporters of children’s hospitals and have donated over 3,000 copies, furthering the tradition of giving to others during the holiday season.  My final thought on “Oliver the Ornament”- how I love it even more because in the story the family decorates for Christmas the day AFTER Thanksgiving!  Find out more information or purchase your own Oliver at

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