Clean Age: A fresh start of the day for teens!

I hate using things on my body I am not certain of. And when it comes to my kids, it becomes sacred! I do not want them to use any products I think might even be remotely bad for them (such as aluminum in deodorant). But teens can be picky, so anything for them has to be just right.

Teens these days pay a lot of attention to the impact on the planet of the things they use. But, often, those natural products do not smell as nice as regular store-bought brands. Along came Clean Age! I love the soft smells they offer in their deodorants. They do not attack the nose with any overwhelming odors. Clean Age gives you gentle scents of citrus, breezy melon, waves, and even completely unscented.

Their natural formulas are soft on the skin so that even the most sensitive people can use them. (You are welcome, teens out there.) The scents are gender-neutral, which is awesome! And we love the packaging, which is 90% paper, with a tiny bit of plastic to hold the product in place, giving you the best of both worlds – namely, a deodorant that works for you and the earth. This ultra-amazing packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Clean Age offers what GenZ kids and their parents are looking for: truly ecological products which are easy on the skin, smell nice, are natural, and look cool.

Clean Age has you covered for deodorants, sanitizers, toothbrushes, toothpaste tablets, and awesome kits, in addition to offering it all in a nice pouch.

Fresh Essentials Kit

Clean Age
We got the Fresh Essentials Kit, and love the quality of it! The toothbrush is made out of bamboo and is completely biodegradable. The Fresh deodorant has a breezy light melon scent and works wonders. Along with it came a bottle of hand sanitizer, which works for up to six hours. From their website, I see that they have now included the one-month supply of mint toothpaste tabs. I am looking forward to trying them out too when we are getting our refill!

The kit is great to gift to any teen, even those with extremely sensitive skin.

You can buy the Clean Age products online at, Fredy Meyer stores, or on Amazon.