De La Viuda Hot Sauce Review


We love spicy food in this house.  The hotter the better! Check out the great options from De La Viuda Hot Sauce – you will never look back again!

This is a super authentic tribute to Mexico’s rich culture.  The bottles also feature this beautiful artwork inspired by Senora Sanchez (a widow who sold her late husband’s hot sauce on a street cart).

Here are the great options – we love them both!  You can purchase as a variety

pack as well so you get the best of both worlds delivered right to your doorstep.

Original or Green Pepper (2-pack, $10).  I use it in my famous chili and of course, we cannot have taco night without them! This past Sunday, I actually will admit to you all that I also jazzed up our favorite store brand salsa and everyone loved it!  Oh…and I dare you to enjoy an omelet without it!

You can really use it in almost anything.  So many great recipes and suggestions on their website.  Think meats, fish, potatoes, even wings!  How about adding to a cocktail?  Honestly, just bring it with you everywhere you go! LOL (I am semi-serious here).

Check out De La Viuda Hot Sauce!  Authentic, delicious—just perfect actually!  This is your summer grilling essential right here!