It is here that I announce my idea to provide you, the consumer and fellow members of this non stop train ride called parenthood with a great selection of all things summer: beach items, books to read while catching the rays, hair care and skin care for after, and just fun beachy and warm weather cool gadgets.  Whether you are grilling, relaxing or vacationing you can stop by for some great new ideas and products.    I’m calling it my “beach block”.  Here goes.

Summer is here and as a momma of two small kiddos a huge worry in this house is water safety!  Lets face it we live in a busy world and even though moms, dads, lifeguards, friends and camp employees are all “watching”, tragedy can happen within minutes.  This very concept is what inspired 3 dads to form Aquatic Safety Concepts LLC and “iswimband” was born.  “iswimband” is a wearable sensor that can be worn as a headband, a wristband or water goggle band.  A simple shake to “awake” the sensor and pair it with your smart phone, and you are on the way to protecting your loved ones.  I couldn’t believe how light weight it is; and it comes in an array of bright colors; your child will be thrilled to wear it.  It is super easy to use the included iswimband app and you can protect up to 8 swimmers at a time.  Your device will properly alarm you if someone is submerged for too long or thankfully if someone deemed a non swimmer has entered the pool.  Disclaimer: this will only work in bodies of water such as pools, lakes or other typical bodies of water like the bathtub!

I personally had two questions come to mind immediately: the first: is the sensor safe to wear with regard to radiation or waves of energy.  I was happy to learn that the sensor carries simple bluetooth technology (no more than a cordless phone).  My second question: would I constantly need to be looking at my phone? Shouldn’t I be watching the water?  No worries at all: the sensor has an alarm that packs a punch and you will sure to hear it.  I really don’t see a downside here at all: its super easy to use, easy to set up, easy to hear and your child won’t mind wearing it.  Please run don’t walk to for more information and to purchase this fine product.  Single band packs retail for $59.99 while you can buy a twin pack for $79.99.

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