Destiny: The Collection

My kid is a gamer; literally loves to finish his homework and delve back into where he left off (within limits of course).  Destiny: The Collection (For Xbox One) is a dream come true.  This is all 5 adventures in one pretty gift box: The Base Game, The Dark Below, House Of Wolves, The Taken King (family favorite) and Rise Of Iron (the expansion).  You can be all kinds of ready for The Rise with character boosts, launchers and everything you may need to be a success!  We love how this game series keeps growing; the time you put in keeps advancing you further.  We love the graphics and how life-like the game really is. This is a big job to take on: you are guarding the last safe place on Earth and exploring the solar system at the same time.  Oh; and you can complete activities with your friends from 3-6 players.  My son points out that whether you want to catch up on something you may have missed or if you are new to the game and want to see what this is all about, the game will be appropriate for you.  This is a major amount of gaming in one box that only costs you $59.99.  Check it out right away!  This is the ultimate gift for the holidays!



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