Finally “Family Friendly” and “Video Game” Go Together In This House…

My older kid is a serious gamer; I am talking headsets, high scores and sometimes serious stress levels!  I always worry about the content of the games and really carefully research the ones he is allowed to play.  I constantly play with the restriction levels on anything “questionable” and at the end of the day I know I can leave the room and not fret that he is seeing or hearing something inappropriate.  That being said, I AM AN EXHAUSTED MOMMA OF A GAMER.

This weekend we downloaded a new game, BEN TEN, available on 11/14/17.  It is of course based upon the acclaimed Cartoon Network series (Ben Ten) featuring characters Ben Tennyson, Gwen, Grandpa Max and some pretty serious villains.  Ben will have to save the world and of course as you go you can unlock Ben’s 10 alien forms that will help him in combat against guys like Queen Bee.  What I love about watching my kid play is how he has to actually solve puzzles in the process of gaming (not like so many of the other “mindless games” out there.

Guys; the game is family friendly, costs around $29 and they use their brains while they play.  It comes out today…LIKE NOW!  Go buy it!

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