I had to make the jump and get the older kid of mine the iPhone.  He is not a baby any longer and as a parent I just needed to know that he had a line of communication to us when he isn’t at home.  That being said; it can also be fun and when Gamevice landed in my lap into my lap to try out I was in heaven.  So this is like two dual “joysticks” that attach to your iPhone and then suddenly the game is in your hands.  Literally your smart phone is a game controller.  No more balancing your device against something sturdy so you can play.  You very easily download the gamevice live app and you have so many games to choose from (over 800 to be exact) it is ridiculous.  You have the same level of precision and control as you would playing on your favorite console and it couldn’t be an easier process.

In two seconds we were checking out our family favorite “Minecraft” as well as “Final Fantasy” and “NBA2K18”.  Price point is under $100 and can work with iPhones 6-8, several iPad versions and Samsung as well.


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