Dixie Southern Vodka

Ok folks – we have been quarantined now for almost two months with these kids.  Not one of you can say that you didn’t either drink more than normal or at least think about it.  I’m always on the hunt for a new fun cocktail or spirit to turn these gloomy days around!

Check out one of my new favorites Dixie Southern Vodka.  This is a made in America new and gluten free vodka.  The most endearing thing to me about this company is that it began with door to door sales.  How cute is that?  I wish someone would come to my door selling booze I tell ya!  They have these awesome “southern style” flavors like black pepper, mint, citrus, wildflower honey and peach.  Yup; I know I sort of just changed your world a little bit this Friday night.

I have personally taste tested original and black pepper.  They are the real deal awesome I promise you.  For Mother’s Day this Sunday you can totally do up the black pepper with some tomato juice and have yourself a yummy Bloody Mary with some heat.  If that isn’t your thing and you are looking for something new check out the company’s awesome recipe links!  This is a super great quality smooth vodka; there are no headaches or regret the next day for this busy telecommuting mommy here!

Check them out – buy them up for pandemic, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or really just any day because who even knows what darn day it is anyhow!

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