Elvis Costumes for Kids

There’s nothing much cuter than a kid in a costume unless it’s a kid in an Elvis costume! From toddlers to pre-teens, there are plenty of options for your “king.” Whether it’s an Elvis birthday bash in January, a memorial celebration in August, or a Halloween contest in October, it’s never too early to begin planning your child’s next rock ’n’ roll royal regalia. With that in mind, we’ve collected 10 do-it-yourself Elvis costume designs for your inspiration.

1. Oh, Bejeweled Baby

Various sizes and colors of gemstones make this costume spectacular! Add a little red flare to the arms and legs, and a red scarf to achieve that awesome Elvis look. The curl in the hair helps too.

2. Bring Out the Blue

This costume does not use Elvis’ inseam flares but does display his affinity for capes. With light blue gemstones on the back, and a similar shade for the inner lining, this cape is perfect for anyone singing the blues!

3. Back in Black

Elvis was known for many things, including his wily black hair. This rhinestone studded black costume is reminiscent of Elvis’ conquistador style and corresponds with the wig quite well.

Speaking of a great Elvis wig, check out this one from Amazon:

image of a boy in an elvis costume and wig

4. Keep it Simple

The only fancy things about this onesie are the inseam flares. Supplemented with a red cape and gold fabric belt, this costume keeps it simple by eliminating rhinestones.

5. The Eagle Has Landed

For a more challenging rhinestone display, try capturing Elvis’ iconic eagle design. But, be prepared to spend some extra time on this one.

6. The Open Shirt Look

Young and old alike can capture that late Elvis charm with an open shirt style. Just look at this baby and you’ll see what I mean.

7. Gold Trim

Certainly, nothing says “royal” quite like a lot of sparkling gold. With this costume, you get the traditional arm and leg inseam flares in gold, and at least half the rhinestones in gold as well. The belt, however, is probably my favorite part.

8. The Name Says It All

Of course, finding the right belt can be tricky. When in doubt, go with the name. In this case, it’s “Elvis!”

9. Awesome Accouterments

There are so many choices when it comes to the finishing touches, but a good scarf and belt are sure to do the trick. In fact, throw in a cape, some sunglasses, and that classic hairstyle (or wig) and you’ve got yourself a winner!

10. The Gratuitous Guitar

Speaking of finishing touches, I absolutely love this guy’s guitar. The fact that he can wear it without having to carry it is a plus because you know who would end up with it for most of the evening!

Have you made your own Elvis costume? If so, share it with us in the comments below.

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