Envy CBD


Envy CBD offers a great way to use CBD  very efficiently.  Their Tinctures can be safely applied under the tongue for fast-acting effects.  You can also just drop it right into your favorite food or drink.

These products combine full spectrum CBD with other essential oils to help us all achieve our end goal of enhancing overall wellness!  These products are both pesticide- and GMO-free.

Options we are liking:

CBD Orange Tincture Oil ($30-60):  This is great for overall peace and calmness.  Ingredients include coconut oil and Stevia extract.

CBD Double Apple Tincture Oil ($30-60):  These drops are really yummy actually.  Inner peace and unwinding will be happening here.  You get the best of all apples (the sweet red and the tart green).

CBD Strawberry Watermelon Tincture Oil ($30-60):  This one holds such great summertime vibes.  You get California strawberries and juicy watermelon.  Delicious and very relaxing.

These products come in different strength options.  We very easily place a half dropper of oil under the tongue for about a minute before swallowing. Your desired effect should set in around the 20-minute mark and then last about 6 hours.

Envy CBD has quality options that do the trick and taste delicious.  Also great bath items, face masks and more!