Pixar Putt Denver

Pixar Putt is an entirely Pixar-themed version of mini golf. So, of course we had to send a writer after our recent viral story on hating mini golf!

In terms of quality, each particular hole is themed after one of their movies. They have designed each so well, both in terms of artistry as well as the theme of the movie itself. For example, the hole for The Incredibles follows that particular artistic style while the hole for Luca follows the style of that Italian village.

Each of the sets has Easter eggs and other cool features that really deserve attention. Even the floor patterns are designed like Dory showing the way. They have designed each set to perfectly match whatever the theme of that particular Pixar movie is.

I think, if you like mini golf, of course it’s an obvious perfect connection. However, if you are a fan of Pixar, this is almost like going to a big Christmas village to see each of the cool houses with Christmas lights. This is the kind of thing you can go to and just look at each of the scenes.

Pixar music in the background, as well as the fact that the entire environment is a mini Disney world. You can genuinely feel as if you are in downtown Disney for a brief moment.

It’s almost like seeing an individual mini-movie set, reflecting, theme hole for every one of the movies.

This obviously works for Disney and Pixar fans of all ages. Being a mini golf fan is just a bonus. This is really a place to observe the beautiful setups as well as play mini golf. 

https://fb.watch/fL8AEYb2BO/?mibextid=cwv5hk image of pixar putt denver The Incredibles

As a mini golf course, it is certainly wonderful, but it really shines in terms of reflecting all that is Pixar. The 18th hole in particular is quite interactive with the wind-up house that’s close by. I don’t wanna ruin the surprise, but it is adorable to see.

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