Wolf Spring Water: Natural Dog Vitamin Blend

I hate it when I have to give our dog his vitamins. Even though it’s a chewable tablet and the vet ensures he will like the flavor, our dog is picky and snubs it.  This leads to a chase, a wrestle, and a fight to get him to open his mouth…and you get the picture.  Wolf Spring gets the picture too. They designed vitamin water just for our canine companions to help alleviate those situations for both humans and dogs.  They have different blends for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs.  With dosing instructions for all size dogs, it is so easy!  You can give them Wolf Spring water by just pouring it into their water bowl; freezing it to make some ice pops/cubes for hot days; using it to soften or top off their food, or to wet their dry food.

Wolf Spring is all-natural, plant-based, and developed by veterinarians.  All three blends (puppy, adult, and senior) include coconut water (electrolytes for hydration and potassium) and Brussels sprouts (for Omega 3).  The puppy blend is specially formulated to ensure healthy growth and bone development as they bound around and play.  The adult blend helps to give added nutrients for joint, muscle, and digestive health.  The senior blend helps address the common needs of older dogs with antioxidants, hemp, and glucosamine.  Dogs love the flavor, and it doesn’t last in the water bowl long.  Wolf Spring can be refrigerated for three days after opening and can be used daily.  For more information and to order some for your dogs, check out their site.

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