Chum Bites

Valentines Day always brings about a ton of horrendous chocolate eating habits.  I personally cannot stand the temptation; I received two boxes of chocolate (one from the hubby and one from the kids) and then I feel like the eating never ends.  I also buy candy for the kids (even though I constantly state at any PTA function that I do not allow my kids to overhaul on sugar LOL).

This year I was super excited to be exposed to CHUM BITES prior to “candy day” and as a result that is what these kids received this year.  This product is 100% fruit, zero sugar, high in fiber, gluten free and literally 1 cup of actual fruit per serving.  I think it is amazing that there is a consumable option out there for our kids that is zero guilt in a snack that will actual sustain them.

Side note – the company donates 15% to in an effort to completely eliminate illegal wildlife trade.

They will cost you about a $1 a pack.  When you think about how much we all spend on lattes each day it really isn’t funny.  Check this wonderful company out and rethink your child’s lunchbox next week.  You can easily purchase right online!

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