Inflatable Children’s Booster Seats from Bubble Bum

I am in a sea of carpools Monday through Friday.  I simply cannot function without them; yet I only have two children and two booster seats to go along with them.  I really don’t want to invest in more bulky children’s “equipment” but of course have everyone’s safety in mind.  Voted “Best Bet Booster Seat” by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, Bubble Bum brings us an ingenious portable, foldable and yes inflatable booster seat.  You can really think outside the box with this one: either have these on hand in your trunk at all times (they take up literally no room and come with an easy storage case) or even stow within your child’s backpack or dance bag to make sure everyone you carpool with has just the right amount of safety seats in the mini van!  Bubble Bum Booster Seats are great for any child 4-11 years old.  I know I will never leave without one of these again.  So light and simple yet so much safety for our precious cargo!  The booster retails for around $29.99 making it perfect for anyone’s household budget.  I couldn’t believe how easy and effective it was! Check out the product on Amazon:

Also available (my son LOVED it) was Bubble Bums “Sneck” or another word for super comfortable travel pillow for your car or any transportation need.  This pillow is really soft and cozy, has micro-bead action and connected really easily to car’s headrest so that your child’s little head stays up and in one place.  For $14.99 you couldn’t possible get a better deal!  Finally, Bubble Bum’s “Junkie” is a great car organizer to keep everything your child needs for a trip right at their fingertips without causing a mess in your car.  I think this Company has thought of it all!

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