Great Hobbies for This Winter

The winter is well on its way, and I feel like starting something new! Here are some of my top tips for great hobbies to take up so you can spend these cold evenings doing something new and fun!

Learn How to Make Candles

image of village craft and candle soy candle making kit for beginners

Village Craft and Candle has all supplies needed to make your own candles. Wax, wicks, vessels…they have it all! They even offer resources and information so you can learn everything about candle making!

The best place to start is by getting one of their Candle Making Kits. These give you all the tools you need to start off, and will explain the whole process. For only $76.49, you can make 25 tealight candles, 5 wax melts, and 6 jar candles! These kits are the perfect gift for someone who wants to start making candles.

Village Craft and Candle can guide you into this fun hobby, and maybe you could even build a business out of it!

Learn How to Weave

image of little loom weaving book on quick and clever projects for creating adorable stuff

Loom weaving is one of those things that can completely relax me! Some nice music in the background, a cup of tea next to me, and just me and my pattern! The Little Loom Weaving book is a helpful guide, packed with step-by-step instructions and stunning color photos. Full of inspiring and fun projects—some easy and fast enough to finish in a few hours! I loved how this book made loom weaving easy enough so even people with absolutely no experience can step right in! Little Loom Weaving has everything you need to create trendy and timeless woven pieces on a small, portable loom.

You can get the Little Loom Weaving book for $21.29 on Amazon, $16.95 at Barnes and Noble, or $11.95 at Powell’s.

Learn to Cook Indian Curries

image of 50 easy indian curries book

Get ready to rev up your tastebuds! 50 Easy Indian Curries by Penny Chawla will absolutely have you become a curry believer. Millions of people worldwide adore Indian food. You’ll enjoy the explosion of tastes, flavors, and spices. This enlightening cookbook samples dishes from multiple regions. What better than a hearty curry to put on the table this winter? You and your family will adore these simple and authentic tastes of India!

You can get this amazing cookbook for $13.89 on Amazon, or $18.55 on Bookshop.

Make Your Own Christmas Gifts

Gift of Stitch

Gift of Stitch offers kits that you can turn into beautiful handmade gifts! Gift of Stitch focuses on beautiful, achievable projects to create and gift. These complete kits are also a great way to give enjoyable moments of making. The box itself converts into stylish wrapping with ribbon and a stitchable tag. They have something for each and every one! Knitting, embroidery, macrame, cross stitch, crochet, or punch needle, you will find something you love to make! I cannot stretch how beautiful these are! You will make someone very, very happy this Christmas!

Give the Gift of Stitch as a gift by itself. Or make the item, spend countless pleasant hours, and give it as a thoughtful and stylish gift.

Do Some Brain Training

image of two Word Search magazines

A word search puzzle is a perfect activity to do on a lazy evening after a busy day. Snug on your couch with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Word searches are just the right balance of not-too-difficult fun puzzles that keep your brain active while still relaxing. We have here two very fun examples. The 1960s and 1970s word searches cover movies, fashion, music, culture, tv shows, famous people, dances, hairstyles, brands, actors, slang, and more from your favorite period of history. At only $7.99 on Amazon, these are a real steal!