Hand Sanitizer For Back To School Prep!

This school year is certainly going to be interesting.  I am a big planner and really try but with so much unknown out there, all you can really do is purchase some protective supplies and move forward carefully.  Here a a bunch of cool products to keep you clean and healthy!

Demeter Hand Sanitizer: This company is the expert on fragrances and we couldn’t be happier!  So many amazing choices.  Right now I am loving their pure soap and jasmin scented purse sprays.  These have a scent that you can actually smell around you all day which is awesome.  Not a super strong alcohol smell like other brands.  The cost about $4.50 for a 1 oz bottle (perfect for backpacks) and have 80% Ethyl Alcohol content.

Clean AF Wipes: These are from a cool company called Patchology and are awesome!  These are great for on-the-go, purses, travel, work tote etc and basically your convenient way to wash your face anytime or anywhere.  You can wipe the day away and actually purify your pores all at the same time.  My skin feels so soft and they are a must after a walk or bike ride in this summer heat.  $20.00 for a pack of 15.


Color Clean Soap:  Ok, now this is really a fun item.  Since this pandemic started I have been worried my kids aren’t washing their hands long enough to remove all the germs.  What if I told you that this soap actually tells you how long to lather up? Bold colors (Ruby Red, Blue Citrus, Green Grapefruit) and scents make this fun in the process. The deal is you wash your hands until all the color is off.  How great is that!

Trilogia Hand Cleanse: this is something I do not think I will ever live without again.  This is a hand mist spray (70% alcohol).  This an be used on hands or surfaces as you navigate through your crazy day.  It has this awesome herbal scent and is safe for kids!  I honestly find it so convenient the quality so amazing!  A 3 pack of 2oz sprays (great for school bag packing) is just under $14.00.

Hans Swipe Clean: this amazing product is our way to clean our devices after being out and about.  Think smartphones, tablets and even public screen items.  The unique cleaning solution gets rid of germs, dirt and grime super easily.  Simply add the solution and the 2 part system takes over from there.  The antimicrobial side dispenses the solution and gets to cleaning while the polishing side removes contaminants while making your item look shiny and new.  Totally leak proof (I tested it) and the perfect size for your purse, backpack or briefcase!

Take these everywhere you go and you will be protected and ready for the scary elements out there!