BetterAir Probiotic Air Cleaner


The Biotica800 by BetterAir is a new take on an air cleaner. Just simply saying that is where the story can get a little confusing. A new air cleaner? What crazy talk is this? It is not a typical air cleaner that just filters the air. This is different because it releases probiotics into the air which clean the air as well as the surfaces around the device. The entire concept is to release probiotics into the air to fight the harmful and bad bacteria in your environment.

Most air cleaners that you’ve heard of are in the form of a filter system that cleans the air via a filter. This product, on the other hand, is simply focused on one aspect, which is the probiotics fighting the harmful bacteria in your environment. In a sense, while some cleaners are working to actively destroy all bacteria, this is working to create a form of ecological balance in the home.

When you buy the unit, it comes with a cartridge with water infused with the probiotic material. Each cartridge lasts for about three months. They have a program to order a la carte, or Auto-Ship every three months. Each cartridge costs about $50.

The interesting challenge with it is whether you want to commit to such a thing. You are not just buying the unit, but you are also committing to buying these cartridges every three months. That might or might not deter certain people from buying it.

It is tough to answer the question of whether it’s worth it because it does depend on how you’re cleaning your home and your views on such things. There have been studies, of course, describing the benefits of probiotics. And quite a few people value increasing probiotics in their lives. That said, as with any new technology, you’re not going to see the effects on day one. It takes a certain degree of time to get moving. The unit itself is well-built, and slick and certainly looks quite impressive. They recommend two weeks before noticing any massive difference, and they also recommend not having an air filter in the same room as one will, of course, counter the effects of the other.

As for recommending it, well, it is hard to say in this case. Recommending or not can feel odd because it is so new and different from a traditional system. That said, I am quite curious to see how it evolves as more and more users react to it. Initially, reviews on Amazon are indicating that people are seeing an improvement, but with any new technology, it takes a degree of time to see the benefits.

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