Healthy Holiday Treats for Your Canine Family Members

Now that Christmas is officially less than a month away, everyone is starting to prep to stuff stockings.  So what about man’s best friend?  With the following products, you can be Santa Paws for your beloved furry family members!

Brutus Bone Broth is an all natural line of bone broth and dog biscuits from a family owned and operated business born out of their love for their own dog, Brutus.  A portion of all proceeds helps support homeless animals, so you can help support other animals while nurturing your own.  The Brutus Bone Broth products include broth and biscuits that come in either chicken or beef flavor.  Besides being packed with protein, they also include glucosamine to help support healthy bones in dogs old and young.  My dog loves the flavor and I feel good knowing he is only getting the best- low fat, low in sodium, and with human grade ingredients.  The bone broth is nice to wet your dog’s dry food, or can be given on it’s own.  Our dog is normally a pretty picky eater, but he licked his bowl clean with the Brutus Bone Broth!  Order your Brutus Bone Broth products at  today for your dogs and support their health one meal at a time.

Cloud Star’s Wag More Bark Less line has some delectable holiday treats for your canine companion.  My dog was a very happy camper and definitely wagged his tail when he saw these treats come out of the pantry.  The collection of mini biscuits and mini jerky all are grain free, and contain no corn, wheat, or soy.  They are minimally processed which is nice as it’s always a worry what is added into your dog’s food with all the recalls other brands have.  The biscuits come in Gingerbread and Honeybaked Ham flavors, and the jerky comes in equally festive flavors- Turkey and Cranberries, and Duck and Apples.  Sometimes finding treats for smaller dogs is hard, so we loved the perfect bite sized biscuits for our 14lb dog, and he loved that he could gobble them up and be ready for more!  The jerky has the meat (turkey or duck) as the first ingredient, so I felt good about these mini jerky treats for him.  With only natural meat, the jerky did not smell overpowering like some other jerky treats we had tried in the past.  These will keep your dogs happily munching without the worry about what preservatives are in their food.  For more information and where to purchase them, click to get your doggy delights for the holidays!


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