Meli’s Monster Cookies Are Making My Holidays Happier!

For some reason December always has my baking inner spirit going.  I always want the kitchen smelling like a fresh batch.  This morning I got up super early and decided to whip up some cookies for the family.  I open my pantry and remember that I have a brand new box of Monster Meli’s cookie mix and I am on my way to the yummiest gluten free cookies out there. Owners Melissa Mehall and Melissa Blue only use certified gluten free oats as they are the best!  If you are using the dry mix, all you need in addition is peanut butter or cashew butter (depending on the mix), 1 egg and some salted butter.  It couldn’t be easier; well actually it can if you purchase the company’s ready to eat cookies that you simply thaw and serve.  Other mix ingredients include natural dark chocolate chips, dried cherries, white chocolate chips and peanut m&m’s.  Also; I want to mention that these cookies have an excellent fiber and protein content and use all natural ingredients making them actually a better cookie for you to eat – see I just gave you an excuse to eat cookies.

They are so easy to make.  Grab a bowl and mix up the peanut butter, salted butter and 1 egg and then add the mix.

Roll yourself some quick 2 inch balls and get them in the oven or about 10 minutes give or take.  They need time to cool – I couldn’t control myself and wanted one that broke apart so I would say give them at least 20 min to cool.

You can grab these mixes right on Amazon if you like!  So so easy and delicious! check them out! I have to say it really made this mom smile to make these cookies that I know are better for you in general all while supporting a fellow mom.


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