Hot Tamales: Tropical Heat Candies

Summertime brings sizzling temperatures, fun in the sun and of course “tropical heat”.  Hot Tamales Candy adds fuel to the fire with their new “TROPICAL HEAT” line of candies.  These bring sweet to the party in each and every  chewy bite.  This new mix consists of three fantastic flavors: Mango Tango, Pineapple Picante and Limon Fever each which spins off the original cinnamon flavor we are used to with Hot Tamales.  My absolute favorite is the pineapple picante; so delicious! My son, the sour and extreme candy enthusiast said he loves how they start with a fiery heat and then turn sweet.  We can’t wait to try the other flavors in this spicy line: Fierce Cinnamon and 3 Alarm.  All Hot Tamales candies are kosher and both gluten and fat-free making them a perfect treat for anyone.  They come in an array of sizes from 0.78 ounce snack boxes to the 5 or 8.3 oz theater boxes to the 10 ounce stand up bag.  You can pack them in your bag for a day out in the sun or fill a bowl for your BBQ table.

For more information and to jump into this bold candy adventure please visit  Be sure to like them on Facebook at  They ask you to share your tamales experience by using the hashtag #FruitBeHot.


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