PBS Kids: Caillou Helps Out

New for Summer 2015 from PBS Kids comes “Caillou Helps Out” available for purchase on DVD.  The lovable 4 year old is back and he brings his huge imagination and heart along for every preschool adventure.  This show is truly refreshing; the lessons we learn are that of sharing, caring and enjoying the world around you.  For each of the 7 stories on the disc, our families can take the time to slow down and smell the roses.  In “Caillou Makes A Meal”, we learn that making pizza at home can be just as yummy as having it delivered! “High Flyers” two friends build a model plane and help each other find the poorly connected piece to get the job done.  In “The Untidy Classroom”, Caillou and his friends certainly learn a lesson: that cleaning up their toys when finished is so much easier than leaving the mess to go on and on.  “Follow Me” brings two new friends together as Caillou takes the time to learn what activities his new pal enjoys.  “Emma’s Extra Snacks” carries a very important lesson on juvenile diabetes.  At first Caillou is worried Emma cannot participate in everyday fun.  He soon learns it isn’t like being sick with a cold, Emma can live each day just with a little extra care.  In “Smooth Sailing”, our little buddy learns that every job out at sea is important. You do not have to be the Captain to help maintain a safe journey!  “Captain Caillou” (my kids favorite) teaches us the very important lesson of working together.  No one can “save the world” on their own.  Each person brings another important piece to life’s puzzle.

Caillou Helps Out is available for pre-order by visiting shoppbs.org.  The DVD will ship 6/16/15.

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