Is HydroJug worth it – HydroJug Review

All of the Hydro Homies on Reddit are talking about the HydroJug. Of course, with an introduction like that, you’re probably left with two questions. The first one is easy. Hydro Homies is a Reddit subgroup that discusses making sure one drinks enough water throughout the day. It’s basically a cult about hydration and the HydroJug fits the criteria.

They are basically experts at drinking water, or so they act. I cannot confirm nor deny whether this is true, but they seem to know what they’re talking about. That said, they enthusiastically talk about the HydroJug as it’s one of the biggest ways one can carry around massive quantities of water.

The HydroJug carries 73 ounces of water in each fill-up. To put that in perspective, your usual Poland Spring bottle can barely hold 16 ounces, to be fair. So this is basically four of them. It’s a well-designed jug that you can easily throw in your dishwasher and has a nice big mouth at the top, easing your goal of consuming mass quantities of liquid.

Is it worth it? The idea of walking around with four Poland Springs versus one of these alone might be worth it. It’s tough enough to remember to drink water sometimes, and having one-stop shopping makes it a lot easier. Fill this up at every meal and you can easily hit your water goals in no time.

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Is HydroJug worth it?

I’ve seen commentary in both directions. Some say it’s overpriced, while others feel that it’s a great deal. Ultimately, if it gets you drinking water, the HydroJug is worth the price.