Ivy the Health Tracker Designed for Women

Ivy the Health TrackerThe Ivy bracelet and health tracker is exactly what I was looking for a long time.  I love it!

My Ivy looks like a designer bracelet however it is so much more.   First I downloaded the bellabeat app on my iphone.   It does take some time to get familiar with your rhythms.  Once it was downloaded I explored the app and made sure to refresh and sync it throughout the day for regular updates and tracking.

Ivy tracks your wellness score which includes movement, activity, mindfulness, hydration and sleep.   The wellness score gives you a personalized indicator of success in achieving the daily wellness goals set on your device.   What’s great is that it keeps me on track.  It also gives me the stress sensitivity for the day based on my wellness score.   It is measured from 1-10 with 1 meaning the lowest amount of stress and 10 means you are too stressed out.  It also measures your heart rate and resting heart rate.

It is a great way to make sure I’m staying on track and fitting in daily activity that sometimes gets put on hold for work.  It is important to take  care of me in order to perform my absolute best.   The app suggests articles to help you create new healthy habits and are very informative.  There are options to add a wellness coach for an additional monthly fee.

Another great feature is that Ivy tracks your period, ovulation, pregnancy, or birth control. This way you can monitor your changes in the menstrual cycle, log symptoms, and even predict issues before they appear.

The best is that the battery life lasts up to 8 days and it only takes 90 minutes to recharge with wireless charging.   Retail price is $249.  To order or find out more information about the Ivy by Bellabeat click here.