Jerk Your Meat

jerk your meat

My hubby and son enjoy some meat jerky from time to time. But I can’t say I love the processed package and ingredients that come along with that snack food.  And don’t get me started on the sodium. I was so thrilled to be asked to try out the great grass-fed beef and chicken jerky from Jerk Your Meat.  Talk about a treat you do not mind giving your family at all.  The first thing I want to mention is the really cool and unique flavors this company offers.   How is it possible that jerky has fruit or vegetables in it??

Flavor options we love:

Spicy Pineapple Party Jerky: This one is vegetarian and vegan friendly.   This is a sweet and sour delicious option that brings together the fruit and chili peppers in this magical way.  I have never tried a jerky like this to be honest.

Uncle Frank’s Chick’N Jerky:  Okay, this one is for you buffalo chicken lovers out there.  My teenage son and his friends were in heaven.  This one is free ranch chicken breast marinated to perfection before being dehydrated into jerky.

K-Town Beef Jerky: the hubby’s favorite.  Grass Fed Beef spends 48 hours in a  Korean Ssamjang Marinade.  You get spicy and savory here.  I have to get more of this right away so we have a spare bag in the pantry at all times.

Check this unique brand of jerky out for yourself!  Pricing ranges from $5-8 per bag, depending on the size.