Jumbo Megamats by TCG Toys

Does your child love to play on the floor? Of course! All children do! So you want to make sure they have a good surface to play on. Something bright and colorful that will get them excited to play. But it has to be safe too. A carpet is way too much of a dust magnet to be healthy. And there is no good way to clean it properly. So I prefer playmats. They are easy to clean and way more durable! TCG Toys offers some great Jumbo Megamats.

Barbie Dream House Jumbo Megamat

Here is a picture of the Barbie Dream House Jumbo Megamat. With its big size (61 x 47 x 1.25 inches), your child will have plenty of room to have fun!

The Jumbo Megamats of TCG Toys are not only large, since they are made from EVA foam, but they are also hypoallergenic! Easy to clean, you can use water and any household cleaners to get everything off, but the color will stay! They are water resistant, so spills will not destroy these beautiful playmats. They are easy to maintain. Also, the mats are lightweight and easy to roll, so you can store them easily.

TCG Toys offers a lot of different Megamats. You can surely find one that speaks to your child: Paw Patrol, Hot Wheels, Pepa Pig, Tonka Toys, Blue’s Clues, Barbie, PJ Masks… The list goes on and on!

And with prices from $10 to $30 (depending on the size), these mats are also very affordable! You can get them on Amazon.

Each mat comes with a couple of character toys. The Barbie mat comes with two Barbie chairs and dog figurines.

Barbie Dream House Jumbo Megamat toys