Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom

It’s Valentine’s Day and we all are looking for last-minute gifts for Mom.  But more importantly, I’m looking for non-traditional gifts. The kind of gifts that go beyond roses.  The kind of gift that says I love you without following the traditional route of flowers.

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for your mom or your wife, then here are a few ideas for you.


image of chocolate and coffee gift basket for mom

Sweet Tooth Gift Basket from Honey and Roses

What makes this an amazing gift basket? It’s the wonderful mix of chocolate and coffee. I love that it introduces you to a few different brands, but each item is also high quality in its own right.  We’ve covered Honey and Roses in our Indie Coffee Shops online story and immediately fell in love with them. Their quality is great and this presentation is also adorable.

image of boots that might make good gift for mom

Rose & Remy

Between roses or boots, I’ll take boots. Roses die, boots last forever. And really I can’t think of a girl that can have too many boots.  But why do I love these boots? Is it the 50% off sale? Sure, but they are gorgeous and have beautiful quality.  These boots are built quite well and have a nice classic look that tells me that I can wear them in quite a few seasons.


Bright On by Smile Direct Club

I had a friend who got a teeth whitening kit last year and a bouquet of flowers, with the note saying:  “I love your smile.”  Now, in a way, I’m a functional girl, so I don’t mind this at all, and I kinda find the idea of combining this with flowers to be a really funny and cute thing. Plus, it’s something I feel like I don’t buy myself so I thought the idea that my friend got one to be quite adorable!


Very Lovely Shoes

Every woman needs a pair of sandals to relax in. These are the San Juan sandals which have Italian kidskin leather and the most comfortable foam padding. I have to say these feel ridiculously comfortable but also look adorable and super stylish. Plus, at their price point, they’re actually quite the steal given what you’re getting and how good they look.


Rodeo Home

Rodeo Home has home decor, which you wouldn’t think of as a first “go-to” for a present, but look at those pillows. Not only do they have the background blue and red ones, but the adorable ones with a message. Every woman has a thing for pillows and this is just such a cute idea that who would’ve thought of it.

Raptic Adventure Bundle

Raptic has a new Raptic Adventure Bundle which is a gift that basically includes everything you could need to scale up your mobile office. When it comes to a mobile warrior, this is the gift that covers all the bases.  So if you’re a mobile mom, this is one-stop…boom!

If you look, it includes the phone cases, the AirTag cases, as well as the biggest battery that I’ve ever seen: The Titan Air.  This battery alone is ridiculous. The rest is just to lock it all in! I mean the battery can basically charge your phone and everybody else’s devices too. Well at least,  until you’re well back home. If you have a laptop that can plug into a USB-C charger, it handles that too. My hubby is quite concerned about me being left with a dead phone, so this will certainly handle that.

image of infinity pillow as a nice gift for mom

Molecule Infinity Pillow

This pillow is basically sleeping on happiness.  It is antimicrobial, has an advanced cooling cover, and overall it’s one of the most comfortable things I’ve tried.  The weird thing was I definitely felt that cooling aspect. And since I’ve basically been “menopause mom,” this definitely was a welcome feature. For something that you’ll have your head on 1/3rd of the day, I’d rather splurge for myself a tad.


image of AeroTrainer, fitness base contour, as gift for mom


What you see in the photo is the AeroTrainer which is a fitness base contour that is designed to exercise in a safe and efficient way. Now, I’d like to be abundantly clear that this is something that I saw and thought would be a brilliant way of working out without causing strain on my back. It inflates in 10 seconds and is strong enough to give me a bit of strength to push back on. It can also deflate and go right under the bed or in the closet.


image of matching pjs, affirmation cards, and handmade chocolates as gifts for mom


This photo shows three products that together make a wonderful Valentine’s Day date. The first is matching pajamas from Shinesty. Now, I have heard of matching Christmas pajamas but I’ve yet to see matching Valentine’s Day pajamas. Can you tell me what could be more romantic than sitting together wearing the same adorable pajamas on Valentine’s Day!

The Body Gratitude Deck

While you’re sitting there in your matching pajamas, maybe it’s time you look at each other with the discussion of body gratitude. These cards and affirmations are a wonderful start to a romantic evening, especially while you were in the same matching underwear above. Of course, it’s designed for one’s own reflection, but I just love the idea of the conversation starter that came out of this while I was going through the cards.


And lastly is Brigadeiro Brasileiro, made right in New York City. These gorgeous little bites are handmade by Miss Gabriela. For an intimate present and an intimate touch, not only are these little chocolates wonderful tasting, I just love the idea of supporting a woman in business and keeping with the romance of Valentine’s Day.


image of chocolate pizza as a gift for mom

Chocolate Pizza Company

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Chocolate Pizza Company of course has a chocolate pizza that makes a wonderful Valentine‘s Day gift. What you see in this photo has a mix of M&Ms, chocolate bars, as well as Reese’s peanut butter cups. They called this the candy avalanche chocolate pizza, which is also a great idea for any Valentine’s Day party you may have, especially with kids.

We’ve got lots of great ideas here for gifts for mom. Hope you found something you think she’ll like!