Magnutto Playsets

I love a toy that encourages creativity and imagination; too often these days my kids are swept up in the “tablet” world.  I feel like all they respond to sometimes are the popular “app of the week”.  For the last few days we checked out great magnetic play-sets from Neat-Oh! International and I was so thrilled to see them decompress from the “pad” and actually use their hands and their brains on a great product.  Oh; and they had tons of fun in the process!  Magnutto play-sets include dinosaur, mood and pet options.  Each box has a built-in easel for immediate display possibility.  This product truly encourages “role play” by asking questions like “what would you do if you felt…..”.  Each box over 100 magnets for your little one to show us the answers to this and other questions.  These cards are available in English, French and Spanish making this product perfect for so many.  Each set costs around $24.99 and is such a great gift for so many reasons for the 3-year-old and up in your life.  I simply cannot think of a better way to provide your child with a great way to express their emotions all while stirring their creative juices.  For more info on this amazing company:




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