Miss Hilary Please

Are you looking for a truly magical gift for a child? One of the Miss Hilary Please gift bundles might be exactly what you are looking for!

image of Miss Hilary Please doll and books

Hilary James is an accomplished singer and actress. She was a drama teaching artist with The Artful Living and Learning Program, teaching hundreds of preschool children, many of whom have special needs. The Artful Living and Learning program encourages its teaching artists to utilize their unique talents in the classroom. So Hilary and her husband and songwriting partner, Kevin DiSimone,  composed original songs for her to incorporate into her lessons.

The children were enchanted by the songs, and as Miss Hilary, she was able to elicit remarkable responses from even the most challenged of her students. Hilary and Kevin had written and performed nearly 20 songs by the end of the first school year so they decided to make a CD entitled, What Makes Me Special, featuring a song that encourages children to see the light they have inside and share it with others.

All songs made by Hilary and Kevin teach valuable lessons to children.  Our son has been singing them, so they are surely catchy. And we love the messages these songs teach our children.

The products

We have given our son The What Makes Me Special Deluxe Gift Bundle, which includes two CDs with songs, and also a picture book and doll. The book teaches kids that no matter who you are, or what you look like, you are special. The book includes a free audio link of Miss Hilary Please narrating the story and singing the title song. So your children can listen to the book even if you have no time to read it to them for the 26th time that day!

The doll is beautiful. She has bendable legs and holds a little wand for extra magic. The dolls are hand-made by women artisans in Nepal through sustainable practices. She is clearly of high quality and I am sure she will last even through the rough handling of the children.

Right now, these gift bundles are on special for $55.00.

You can also buy the two CDs separately for $25.00, or just get the doll for $39.00. Whatever you choose, you will make a child very happy! I can vouch that my eldest was over the moon with his gift!