Chasing Paper Wall Decals

image of young girl playing with Chasing Paper wall decals on her wall

My kids got these great wall decals as a holiday gift this year. They spent this rainy morning playing around with them. The company is Chasing Paper and these peel-and-stick wall decals are super fun and easy to use. They are made from this self-adhesive poly-woven fabric and do not fade. How cool is that?

Here is what we had fun with:

Their wall stickers come in six cute sets; each one is a different character (Cleo, Lucy, Nellie, Oliver, Teddy, and Leo). They come with accessories and clothing so you can dress your new friend up! These are modern-day paper dolls on your wall. We had our friend Lucy all dressed and putting on a guitar concert in the dark in no time at all! Each set is $45 and really is super durable. As a mom of kids who aren’t very “careful” with their toys, I was thinking they would rip in half and they did NOT!

They passed the test in this house! They also have these great holiday tree and menorah sets that you can stock up on now for next season. I just know your kids will LOVE decorating the tree and lighting up the eight nights of the menorah.

Check them out!