Puppyoo T12 Plus Rinse Review


The Puppyoo T12 Plus Rinse has so many features and gadgets. You certainly need a few minutes to get used to it.


This is far from your parents’ dustbuster. This has so many more features that I wanted to spend the time getting used to it. You’ll find it covers most if not all of your vacuuming and mopping needs.

The mop feature, in particular, is certainly one of my favorites. It has two rotating heads which really do quite a nice job on the floor. But in addition, the vacuum works at the same time helping to pick up anything too big for the mop. The mop cleaning heads are also removable to make cleanup quite easy. Lastly, the vacuum itself is light enough that you can easily use this to mop the stairs.


Speaking of its weight, it is a little bit heavier than the old Dustbuster I had in the ‘90s, but not so much as to be a big deal at all. Given the amount of power it has, the minute weight differences are certainly nothing to worry about. It was not so heavy as to be of concern to me and I do not feel it would be an issue even for an elderly grandmother.

Power Modes

It has three power modes going from eco-friendly, which lasts the longest, to automatic, which switches based upon sensors to super, which only last 12 minutes. I found super quite useful for the deep spring cleaning. I also found that the charger worked so quickly that I didn’t necessarily mind going through the battery and having to charge it up again.  Plus, it has a nice digital display so you can see exactly how fast it’s charging.

Getting Up to Speed

I mentioned the features and the different heads and it does take a second to get used to. But I found that once you got used to it, you were flying at full speed. For example, it has a Lighted Crevice Nozzle which is basically a thin nozzle that illuminates itself for the dark areas of the couch. It certainly was worth the time investment to look up the features of each one. And then when you’re used to everything, you can throw it all into a nice wicker basket to switch heads and pieces when you need to.

Overall, this is certainly one-stop shopping for all of your vacuuming needs. This is the kind of handy vac that covers everything you could possibly want and then some.