Mommy Easter Basket Ideas

Hey moms!  We deserve a springtime basket of goodies too!  Sorry…but it is sooo true!  Here are a few awesome spa/treat yourself items that we are checking out this week and wanted to share with you guys too!  Take care of you!

Surya Brasil

How about some really cute nail polishes named after exotic animals all around the world that are never tested on animals and contain no ingredients of animal origin.  I am loving “coral snake”, “flamingo” and “lion tamarin” to name a few.  These are really great quality and cost around $12 each.  Also from the same company are “tinted lip balms” that are 100% vegan, kosher and natural.  I love the quality; I sampled “coconut nectar” and “sugared fig” and both are keeping my lips super soft and hydrated.  These are about $4.00 each.  Please check this company and their great organic and vegetable-based products out!


Lavish by Vikki Ziegler 

What if I told you that you could extend your blowout and your “worked all day hair” with a yummy smelling hair perfume? One that was sort of body oil meets hair style? I was so impressed that while sampling both Vikki Ziegler’s “Fresh Start” and “Evening Essence” products my hair was never wet or greasy feeling.  I literally felt fresh and ready to move on with my day/night right after a simply spray.  My hair and body smelled just awesome and we are reducing humidity and adding moisture.  These are great and cost around $39.00.

Twinmedix Pro:Essentials 

Ok ladies; these skin products are like a day at the expensive spa but right at home.  I hit the jackpot trying these out!  I tried both their “Renew A15” and their “Transform 02” products this past week.  Renew is 1-2 pumps at night.  The retinol is really gonna stop my aging and tired skin in its tracks.  Transform, I work into a lather in the morning and rinse clean after a few minutes.  I literally can feel the makeup and dirt leaving my face.  This is just not your ordinary facial cleanser.  This is a great product to indulge the mommy in your life!

Revlon Salon Straight Flat Iron 

Quite honestly I can never get my hair straight; always a frizzy mess!  This iron I am thrilled with.  Super easy to use; it heats up in about 10 seconds (yes; it really does!)  I’m insane with shutting things off and unplugging them but if you are always rushing like this tired mommy rest assured that this baby has an auto shut off feature.  The iron actually has a digital LCD heat setting tailored to the type of hair you have.  Check it out!

The Vertex Toothbrush 

This toothbrush is actually shaped like most of the dental tools you see at your twice yearly visits.  It pinpoints both the gum and the teeth while being perfectly angled to get into all the crevices.  I feel my mouth is super clean as I start my day and quite honestly the grip on this brush is awesome.  I feel “ultimately clean”.




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