National Rescue Dog Day: What Can You Do on May 20?

national rescue dog day image of dog looking up
Image by MARIUXI RODRIGUEZ from Pixabay

Since 2018, May 20 has been observed as National Rescue Dog Day.  Most of us have encountered TV commercials and online ads that shockingly portray the lives of dogs in need of rescue. Now, because of Tails That Teach, the organization that founded National Rescue Dog Day, there’s one more avenue to open the conversation.

Tails That Teach was started as a way to develop compassion for animals. They also support the character education of children by partnering with elementary schools and providing them with books about rescue animals.  National Rescue Dog Day is their way of honoring how rescue dogs have improved the lives of their rescuers and helping people discover dogs that still need rescuing.

national rescue dog day image of dog selfie
Image by Tony Wu from Pixabay

National Rescue Dog Day Celebration Ideas

1.  Share pictures of your dog(s) with the #NationalRescueDogDay hashtag to bring awareness.

2. Share your story –  If you have rescued a dog, be sure to share your story on social media with the #NationalRescueDogDay hashtag.

3. While on social media, share posts by local animal shelters to advertise dogs that need rescuing, of course, with the same hashtag.

4. Get your kids involved. You can let them design and color or print flyers. You can even print coloring pages offered by North Meck Animal Rescue that are based on actual rescue dogs.


Support National Rescue Dog Efforts

1.  If you have time, volunteer at one of the shelters taking care of dogs that need to be rescued.

2.  If you can’t volunteer, collect items commonly needed such as food, blankets, toys, etc. Check with your local shelter for a list of specific needs.

3.  If you are able to rescue a dog yourself, consider adopting one so that it can have a new forever home.

national rescue dog day
Image by Tony Wu from Pixabay

It’s not always easy to talk about emotionally disturbing topics, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. That’s why I like National days or months dedicated to bringing awareness to important topics. By simply mentioning the day or using the corresponding hashtag #NationalRescueDogDay, you can lead others to discover what it’s all about.

If you want to see some cute dog videos, check this out! And if you decide to celebrate National Rescue Dog Day, let us know how you do it. Share in the comments, or tag us on social media.