Natures Path EnviroKidz Snacks

Looking for something special for your child’s lunch/snack box for camp? I am so happy to be providing my kiddos with a wonderful gluten-free allergen-free alternative this summer!  Nature’s Path brings us their EnviroKidz line of snacks which are all Non-GMO and certified organic.  These are becoming a necessity with my little ones for camp, the beach, sports and quite frankly just as a pick-me-up in my purse.  So your choices are “chocolate crispy rice bars”, “chocolate chip granola bars”, “strawberry granola bars” and “berry blast crispy rice bars”.  My house is adoring the chocolate crispy rice bars.  This is like bar meets crispy treat and I am in heaven.  They are simply delicious; the company really has thought of everything down to using brown rice flour instead of white.  1% of sales go back to organizations like the “Australian Koala Foundation”, “The Amazon Conservation Team”, “The Lemur Conservation Foundation” and more in an effort to help save animals and their habitats. Each product has a partner organization they are helping.  So we have a yummy snack product and we are helping animals?!  What could be better: please visit their website for more info:

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