Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys

image of dino spike battle sword for Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys
dino spike battle sword

For the true Power Rangers fan in your life this holiday season, I highly recommend these Power Rangers Dino Charge toys from Bandai.  The Power Rangers are back and ready to defend the prehistoric “Energems” that 10 dinosaurs were entrusted with.  The evil Sledge is threatening and the Rangers will fight with their new “Dino Charge” weapons and powers.

Your little guy will adore the “Power Rangers Dino Charge Dino Spike Battle Sword” as a holiday gift this season.  This toy is so cool. You pull the lever and the sword’s “teeth” are bared along with sounds and lights.  Add a dino charger for extra effects.  This is so great for all-day imaginary play. I can see my son doing his expert karate moves across the floor and battling the enemies along the way!

You can find the sword at toy stores such as Toys ‘R Us and also on Amazon.  Such a great holiday gift!  Also available is the Power Rangers “Dino Charge Mission Kit.”  This is the perfect add-on to your child’s holiday gift selections.  You will be all geared up to help battle the enemies with your 35mm camera (just needs film), binoculars, and flashlight.  The perfect tools for whatever may come your way!  Such terrific options for children 4 and up on your holiday list!

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