Pro Lash Review

image of pro lash bag with products pro lash professional lashes, scissors, tweezers

For years I went to a local business for lash extensions. It was very uncomfortable and ended up being very expensive. Just in time for a great holiday gift idea, I wanna share my experience with Pro Lash. They are literally professional-quality lashes at home. They hold very quickly and last about 10 days. These lashes do not take a lot of time to put on AT ALL.  (And I am very clumsy. LOL)

Pro Lash lashes are lightweight and very soft. You almost do not know they are on your face. Very natural looking I want to add. I am not a big “makeup person” so I like a nice full look but subtle. Oh, and they hold up really well when showering. I was a little worried about that.

You can choose between classic, volume, mega volume, and luxe. If you are a first-time user, you have to check out their Starter Kit ($100-105). Like I was saying—awesome holiday gift idea! Inside the kit is the adhesive you use prior to application, the breakdown remover for taking them off with pain-free ease, application tweezers, scissors for styling, and 3 sets of lashes (about a month’s supply).  I VERY easily applied the adhesive, then the lashes, and then was on my way. That simple!

Check out Pro Lash!