Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall; it really doesn’t matter.  The germs are on our hands and we are spreading them around in a crazy circle.  As a mommy, I really do try to prevent what I can.  My household gets the flu vaccine and we all wash our hands as much as possible (the kids actually line up after school like robots).  Thankfully we have PURELL which effectively kills 99.9% of germs that cause illness.  I have been testing out new PURELL Naturals which contain natural ingredients like plant-based alcohol and essential oils.  I love the new summer scents available like “ocean kiss” ( this one is like ocean waves meets the smell of sunscreen and I LOVE IT), “blushing pink orchid” (sweet and floral), “coconut beach siesta” (OMG this one is delicious) and “mandarin medley” (invigorating citrus).  Both of my kids utilize the company’s convenient “JELLY WRAPS” which attach a mini bottle of PURELL to their lunch bags and backpacks.  They offer awesome “hand sanitizing wipes” which are a mainstay in my car for whatever life may bring (I am not kidding the canister is in my cup holder as I write this).  No matter which product you choose you are building a germ fighting wall for yourself and your loved ones.  The good people with GOJO would like you to learn as much as you can in the fight against the flu (http://www.gojo.com/coldanflu)

or http://www.purell.com/coldandflu.

I adore introducing such wonderful protective products.  No matter what size, style or flavor of this product you will be thrilled with the quality!


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