RA.D8 Collagen Infused Sparkling Teas

image of 3 cans, varied flavors, or RA.D8We take it very seriously what we put into our minds and bodies so I am always on the hunt for a new tea/water/beverage that is a good choice for me. This week, we are checking out the amazing RA.D8 sparkling tea options from GnuSante.  This company brings you only healthy drink options for the entire family!

So what is RA.D8??   This is Collagen Infused Sparkling Tea. Specifically, it is collagen and elastin combined with Lumenato (tomato oil extract) combined with Omegia (sea buckthorn extract). And then black tea, sugar, and Vitamin C are along for the ride.  This means anti-wrinkle action, skin radiance, hydration, and vitamins heading your way in a yummy beverage option.

I tested out their Sampler Kit (4 cans for $16) and was very pleasantly surprised.  I’m not really a big tea person but was willing to try RA.D8 out. I mean, if something is going to help my skin then hell…I’ll give it a shot.

Flavors we tried and loved: Cool Pineapple, Lemonade Thyme, and my personal favorite Green Apple Ginger.  In a yummy can, you are literally getting all your daily needs of collagen, elastin, vitamin C, and Omega 3/6/7/9.  All the flavors are natural and I can’t believe this since it contains black tea, but the beverage is caffeine free.   I think I am going to order a month’s supply and add some real glow to my face without really even trying!