Beach Games For Kids!

Halfway through the summer Author Dan DeFigio and I are speaking the same language.  We are totally enjoying our time at the beach; but when the kiddies have had their fill of swimming and playing in the sand, yet the parents still want to hang and relax what is a momma to do? Enter Mr. DeFigio’s new book and we have the ultimate solution.  This fantastic soft cover (and super easy to pack book) has 15 cool games and the best part is they each have variations so you can play something different each time and /or have appropriate versions of games per age.  This past weekend my kids tried out a few of these.  Angel Faces was super cute for the girls.  They basically laid down in the sand and made a “sand angel” and then they each made coordinating “emotion” faces.  It was an artistic race to the finish!

Next up was Beach Bowling and for this one all you need is 3 tennis or baseballs and a shovel.  You literally dig holes in sand and viola you have a bowling alley.  You can even create barrier obstacles for a harder version! Finally we gave Towel Limbo a try!  You just need one big beach towel and you are off for a fun game where the towel acts as a limbo stick.  If you touch the towel you are out! Last man standing wins; and you can add harder variants like going backwards or even acting out being a particular ocean animal! Super fun and the kids all had a blast!  For more information please visit

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