Schmovie Family Game

BEST.GAME NIGHT. EVER.  This was all my entire family said after our night last weekend playing the hilarious and super creative game SchmovieI have to say; I am not the board game fan and this experience may have turned me completely around!  The game comes as a follow-up to “Schmovie for ages 13 and up“.  The time around the Brooklyn based company (Galactic Sneeze) has mastered the art of fun the whole family can enjoy!

Ok: here is how you play: roll the “genre die” to determine your round’s type of film (Sci-Fi, Horror, Rom-Com, Drama, Action or Pick your own) grab your self your “premise cards” (who, what) and you have your recipe for writing a funny/unique/clever movie title.  Was yours the best? If so, you will be awarded a “Schquid” trophy for your hard-work.  Once you acquire 4, you are the winner!

My house laughed for a solid hour and a half.  Here is the best part: no matte how old or young your players everyone can feel included and actually win the round.  Our table included someone 50, 40, 30 and even 7 and each round was truly better than the next.  The entire game is innocent “made up” fun and it was great to forget about the world and just really have some fun.  Check out the company on Twitter @schmovie to indulge in their clever #hashtag Monday games.  I am a real fan!  Do yourself a favor and scoop up the game  It is available super easy on Amazon:



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