B3 Blitz

Who’s looking for a new game?  I know we’ve been really playing a ton of family board games lately and pretty much chutes and ladders and monopoly are just “played out”.

B3 Blitz is a new game that is perfect both indoor and outdoor play.  The box is the perfect size; you can pretty much (easily) take you anywhere.  This is easy set up, ping pong balls, bean bags and you are ready to go.  The best part is there are plenty of versions/ways to play.  First; decide if you are playing with the pong balls or the bean bags.  Points are accrued by the point value of the bucket you are aiming for.  Not your first time at the rodeo?? Maybe do a timed round where you shoot until time is up and see how many points you rack up.  Interested in taking it a step further?? Maybe plan out the order of the buckets you need to score into.  Winner is the first to score a bean bag into buckets 1-2-3 in a row!  Additional optional ideas that add difficulty include bouncing pong balls prior to shooting, rotating player position prior to each shot and increasing distance from the bucket tower after each shot.  This is the table top version of the original bean bag bucketz game; we couldn’t be happier with more options especially during summer travel!

My family with of all different age ranges had a really good time trying this game out this weekend.  There are so many options and ways to make variations that it really can be a different game every time you play.  Think tailgating, camping, the beach, college, the backyard or really just anywhere!  This is nonstop portable fun with endless possibilities!