Spot It

Remember “I spy” as a child while we drove on the traditional family vacation? Well “Spot It” from the wonderful and educational genius’ at Blue Orange Games brings “I Spy” together with cards to make a wonderful game series your little one will surely enjoy.  The goal of “Spot It” is to find the common image on two cards before the other players.  This game worked famously with my daughter and some new friends who were all getting to know one another.  Everyone is racing to find the match before the others and I have to say its more challenging under pressure then you think!  The game takes under 20 minutes to play and is perfect for children ages 7 and up.  This game reinforces focus, attention, speech, language and speed of processing.  All wonderful elements wrapped up in a fun to play game!  If you like original “Spot It” you are in luck because there are an array of spin-off editions perfect for someone one your holiday list.  Spanish, Alphabet, English, French, Animals, Holiday’s, Major League Baseball and beloved Disney Characters just to name a few versions.  Please visit for more information and to make a purchase.  Blue Orange games = educational family fun!

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