I am super excited for my son to open “Wink” a fabulous board game from the Blue Orange family of games this upcoming holiday.  My home is a true fan of their educational background; we have laughs, fun and all the while are learning and reinforcing concepts they are learning in school.  This zany and colorful card game has you truly keeping your “eye on the prize”.  Each player is assigned a color and as you move through the round you are attempting to wink or catch the attention of your “super secret partner”.  Everyone has “accuse cards” that you can use if you catch someone in the act of winking at their secret partner.  You can then steal their points and of course the winner at the end is the player with the most points.  Everyone is watching everyone and this is serious pressure to wink and not be noticed!  It was all eyes and all laughs around a table of adults trying this game out; I cannot wait to see how much fun my children have!  As with all Blue Orange Games, education is the main -stay.  “Wink” boasts focus, attention and social interaction which are all necessary components for a well rounded child.  For more information on this great game please visit  Lots of fun for everyone!

wink board game

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