Staples, Your Go-To for Back-to-School Supplies

When I need school supplies for my kids, or home office supplies for myself, I head to Staples’ website. And I must say, so far they’ve always had what I was looking for.

For back-to-school, Staples has dedicated web pages per grade. Here you can find everything you need for your child easily, on one page. Just look under your child’s grade. No more hassle! In fact, a lot of schools even send their supply lists to Staples. You can find your school by entering the zip code on this page. Just select the school and the class, and you are ready to roll! Getting ready for school has never been easier. Most important, you can make sure you are sending your child to school with the correct items. No more going back to the store after the first school day, because the binder was the wrong color.

Staples really knows what they are doing. You can even make an account on their website and easily track your orders. You can also re-order things you’ve ordered in the past.

The Staples reward system offers fast, free delivery, a minimum of 2% back on purchases, and exclusive deals. The more you buy, the better the rewards program gets for you! And you never need to pay to be a member!

Forget about going to the store and standing in line with all those other parents! You get free delivery to your home with purchases of $35 minimum. No more searching the aisles for that one missing notebook to then find out it is sold out in that particular store location! You can find the full list of all Staples has to offer on their website. You put in your order and get it delivered right to your front door!


Every week, Staples has some new deals just for you, and if you need something urgently, they have you covered there too! You can order the product online, then pick it up in the store just one hour later!

To all parents out there: leave the worries behind. Get yourself and your child ready for school with just one click!