Gifts to Get Your Kids Outdoors and Away from Screens!

This Christmas, get your kids outdoors and away from screens with gifts that give them the joy of playing outside! Get them excited about going out in nature, to play and explore. This is truly a gift they will cherish their whole life long!

Photo Adventures for Kids

photo adventures for kids for kids outdoors gifts post

The book, Photo Adventures for Kids, by  Anne-Laure Jacquart, is awesome! It is fun to read and really engages the children! It talks about mysteries (problems with pictures), investigations (why is the picture not ideal), strategies (how to solve the issue), deductions (lessons learned), and quests (fun missions to go on).  This book will pull the children off of their couches, and into the world beyond their door to go create some awesome pictures! It encourages your child’s passion while exploring the art of photography together! At only $19.95, this is a great gift to put under the Christmas tree!

Carter Joey and Grandma go Hiking

image of book Carter Joey and Grandma Go Hiking for kids outdoors gifts post

Carter Joey has a mission! Convincing every family with young children to go out and explore the great outdoors! The brand makes practical clothing for your children to wear outside and stuff that will help your family to plan activities with the little ones. Their motto: Be active, not busy!

The book Carter Joey and Grandma go Hiking is all about overcoming difficulties and having a grand adventure together. It will surely inspire your child to go out and explore nature on a beautiful hike. For only $9.99, this makes a great addition to your Christmas gifts!


image of sack of Murbles and loose murbles for kids outdoors gifts post

Finally get the answer to the nagging “But mom, we have nothing to do outside!”  Murbles is a great game for all ages that you can play in all kinds of weather and terrain. Throw your balls as close as possible to the white target ball. The one closest will win. Use the terrain to your advantage, and use tactics to win!

This game resembles the age-old Pétanque game, but it is way better! The colored balls are easy to find in any terrain. You can play with up to 16  players (with the XL Tournament Set). The balls come in 20 different colors, and you assemble your game bags yourself! The Large Tournament Set holds 28 balls (white target balls and eight colors) for a game of up to eight players, the Medium Tournament Set holds 14 balls (white target balls and four colors) for a game of up to four players, and the Tournament Standard Set has 7 balls (target ball and two colors) for a game of up to two players.  As said, you can choose your own colors! Why not get something significant to you and your family?  Match your school colors, sports team, or choose a color for each of your family members!

Murbles are injection-molded 3-inch diameter solid, high-density plastic balls that weigh ½ pound each. They come in 20 colors and float on water! They are simply unbreakable and easy to clean. It is the perfect outdoor game! Take it along on camping trips, tailgating, park outings, days at the beach, or BBQs in the backyard. A great gift for anyone!

The Little Book of Insects

image of the little book of insects

Do you have a little explorer on your hands? Or do you wish to get someone interested in the amazing world of insects? This stunning little book will surely be a favorite this Christmas! From beetles to flies, termites to mantises, The Little Book of Insects introduces kids to dozens of insects with details about their habitats, diets, behaviors, and more. Gorgeous vintage artwork by some of the world’s most enduring nature illustrators fills this irresistible book. This beauty sells at $16.99 on the Bushel and Peck website.

Walgreens Ultimate Beach Day Bundle

Walgreens ultimate beach day bundle

Walgreens and CAMP seek to educate kids about the importance of sun safety with a series of fun activities and a day of family play.

To take the hassle out of family beach days, the bundles feature the following Walgreens brand health and wellness essentials and activities:

  • Walgreens Sport SPF 50
  • Walgreens Sunburn Relief Gel
  • Walgreens Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages
  • Walgreens Vitamin C Gummies
  • Walgreens x CAMP original activity book with crayons
  • Beach day shovel, pail, and whale sand mold