StarWars Battlefront Sandtrooper Gaming Headset

If you are a Star Wars enthusiast as well as a video game fan, Turtle Bay has the perfect accessories for you this holiday season!  I tried out “Star Wars Battlefront Sandtrooper Gaming Headset” this week and they are simply amazing in addition to being a perfect Star Wars collectible.  My absolute favorite feature is that each one is limited edition with their own ID number.  These are crystal clear multi-player quality; I couldn’t believe how amazing they are!  These headphones connect remotely to PC, tablets, MAC, Playstation 4, as well as Xbox One controllers.  These really are the best gaming headsets we’ve tried yet; 50mm speakers and mic mute controls that can put you ahead of your opponents in your game.  Certain features can be turned down when using them to watch movies and listen to your tunes.  Please visit for more information and to purchase this headset.  They retail for $99.00 making them a great gift!  In addition they are a Best Buy exclusive:

battlefront headset


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