XGO3 Smartwatch Review

image of box for xGO3 Your Child's first GPS Smartwatch

How about a great, safe way for your child to have a smartwatch without you worrying about with whom/how they are communicating?!!

XGO3 ($99.99) is an amazing smartwatch from Xplora that safely introduces them to the digital world around them. It is secure, fun, and comfortable. It looks just like mommy and daddy’s watch, all while being a safer option for your child.

Features include phone, messaging, GPS location, school mode, alarm, stopwatch, health “step” counting, camera, and more. It comes in an array of colors including black, blue, green, orange, and pink.

All the communication is encrypted between the watch, the cloud server, and the parent app. It does NOT connect to the internet at all. This truly makes it the safest option for your innocent child. It also offers protection from hacking and cyberbullying. The app is very easy to use and totally controlled by you, the parent. Oh, and another great feature is the rewards system it has that gives your child one Xplora Coin for every 1,000 steps they take. They can collect and redeem the coins for gaming, activities, and more.

Very easy to use, very easy to set up, and you have peace of mind that your child is safely speaking to those in your inner circle. You can see where they are without worrying about internet connections and data breaches.

Check out the XGO3 from Xplora for a great holiday gift!