Traveling with Kids a Whiz with WhizRider

Raise your hand if you have had to transfer your kid’s carseat/booster seat from one car to another depending on who is picking them up.  Raise your hand if you have ever forgotten the carseat when you needed it.  Raise your hand if you are tired of having to lug said carseat/booster seat everywhere when traveling.  Well, keep your hands up because you are going to want to jump on crowdfunding for the new product from WhizRider.  Created by two dads to suit the needs of their traveling families, the WhizRider is a compact and lightweight carseat option for kids ages 3-10 (along with specified height and weight requirements).  It folds up to fit in a pouch that easily stashes in purses, backpacks, and glove compartments, so it’s easy to pack and go!

I was a bit skeptical at first, and worried if it would be able to keep my daughter safe, but I was thoroughly impressed with the rigorous safety testing that it has gone through.  It has passed and exceeded all safety standards for car travel, and they even have videos showing how to not only use it, but how it keep kids safe on their website,

The WhizRider allows for kids to be able to be buckled into a regular three point seatbelt while keeping them secure enough that they can not slide under the belt.  I feel more secure knowing that my kid will be more secure while on the go.  The fabric is breathable and I liked that it is also water repellent so I don’t have to worry much about stains.  As with any carseat, after an accident, it will need to be replaced.  WhizRider will replace it for free after an accident when you send them the initial WhizRider and pictures from the accident which is amazing!

I recommend a WhizRider for those last minute trips, vacations, and even if someone else is driving your kid around.  It’s easy to use, lightweight, compact, and provides peace of mind that your precious cargo will be safe.


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