Sound + Sleep Mini

If you travel a lot for work, boy do I have a gadget for you.  I spent the week trying out the wonderful Sound + Sleep Mini to the test and I am thrilled with my sleep results.  I am a super light sleeper and wake up many times throughout the night so I was intrigued to try this product out.  For starters, there are 12 sounds (waterfall, ocean wave, rain, train, fans etc) to choose from.  You can set it for 30-60-90 minute increments so no worries about this system running all night.  If you would rather listen to music, you can connect to your MP3, tablet, phone or laptop for tunes!  This system can actually help you relax and get the sleep you deserve and I am here to attest that I truly slept better! I am so happy to have tried this product out; each night I was happier and even more well rested!  I must say that it is super compact and is easily stored in a handy case.  You will not hear conversations, hallway noise or really anything at all.  I will never head out on a trip again without the system.  For $79.95 this is a miracle!  For more info please visit

sleep + Sound


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