Vejo Review


I will never again leave my home without my Vejo.  I know…what a strange sentence.  But once I tell you about this amazing blender meets travel cup, you will be racing to buy one for yourself.

This is so easy to use. This portable blender will have you consuming your favorite blend of greens/fruits/vitamins in 30 seconds flat.  This can be your go-to before a workout, as a snack, driving to work, during mid-day slumps, etc.   All you have to do is push one button and it’s very quiet.  It is both food-safe and BPA-free.  You charge it easily via USB and get about 15 blends per charge, which is pretty awesome for this busy mom who forgets to charge things.

Vejo is $99.00 and comes in three awesome colors (pink/grey/black).  You get to pick two free 4pks of pods (we adore the strawberry banana and the clean greens).  This is a great way to be the healthier person you keep promising to be. The blend pods are packed with fruit, wellness, greens, energy; you name it!  And people…they have cold brew coffee.  That one I must try next.

You must check this out for yourself and all your upcoming gift-giving needs!